TSD heat shrinkable tape to create a precedent for US exports

Date : 2015.01.20

Yesterday, Qingdao TSD Plastic Co., Ltd. has a number of heat shrinkable products loaded with containers Qingdao marched from the United States, creating a kind of product exports to the US precedent.

It is understood that the Plastic Co., Ltd. Qingdao TSD shrinking band of US exports to mainland China for the first time the supply of such products to the United States. Shrinking band of oil pipelines, gas pipelines, heat pipes special fittings, because of the use of hot melt connection, corrosion resistance, good water off, is widely used in anti-corrosion pipe network construction. The company is committed to the development, production and sales of heat shrinkable band, its expertise, quality, and soon became well-known brands. Since the company was created, have been developed to improve the related products, and the drafting of the construction specifications, development of relevant standards.

According to the guests from the United States about, had more imports of these products from Italy, and local procurement by the customer understands the continent Plastic Co., Ltd. Qingdao TSD products are very popular in China, with excellent product quality and good price to win customers praise. And the company's products have been exported to Malaysia, Iran, Russia, Sudan, Mongolia and other places, after the trial began to worry a lot of their products ordered. Heat shrinkable tape as TSD Plastic Co., Ltd. Qingdao-quality products, not only in the country's prestige, but also gradually out of the country, to the world! Create a resounding brand!

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