3PE Heat Shrinkable Tape (Sleeve)

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Product details

3PE Heat Shrinkable Sleeve  is combined by two-component epoxy primer and heat shrinkable tape of high adhesive strength, with the overlaps fixed with a fixing plate. 

Heat shrinkable tape is a kind of heat-shrinkable anti-corrosion repaired junction material specifically designed for welded junction corrosion resisting of buried or overhead steel pipes. It is made by compositing of radiation cross-linked high-density polyethylene substrate and special sealing hot melt adhesive coating, and is applicable for the corrosion resisting of welded and repaired junctions of pipes, bending pipe sections, and yellow-jacket thermal-insulation pipes, with 3PE, FBE and PP as the main anti-corrosion material. The special sealing hot melt adhesive can be well bond with polyethylene substrate, steel pipe surface and liquid epoxy coating.

In the installation and construction, the heat shrinkable tape shrinks uniformly along the radial direction under thermal force, at the same time, the hot melt adhesive layer is molten and evenly coated on the pipe surface to form a continuous and tight anti-corrosion system with the original pipeline coating, to resist soil stress, hydrostatic pressure, cathodic disbonding, chemical corrosion and mold erosion.

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Product details