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Product details

Portable plastic extrusion welding torch series are new type welders integrating hot air preheating and plastic welding rod (plastic raw material) extrusion, developed by our company based on the information and demand fed back by customers in construction, in combination with the technical performances of similar products from Germany, Switzerland and other foreign countries. The products adopt imported main machines and 220V AC power supply. The hot air blower is available for continuous electric heating temperature control and screw-type feeding, with high extrusion power, stable performance, compact and reasonable structure, easy operation, and continuous welding available, to greatly improve the work efficiency. And the product can be used for welding a variety of thermoplastic plastics.

Applicable for: 

end seal of large-diameter hollow-wall winding pipes, damage repair, pipe connection, welding of joints of outer protective PE sleeve for directly-buried thermal-insulation pipes, preformed pipe fittings, elbows, tees, large-diameter plastic pipe fittings, plastic manholes and chemical plastic containers, storage tanks, etc. the products are highly praised by customers, and now almost replace the imported products with original packages.

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